Do you want to save time and money?

ZAVA® Seal-Ring is the solution

ZAVA® Seal-Ring – the innovative split and lockable o-ring with quick lock – is used today within the pulp and paper industry all over the world. It is made of modified rubber material, 90-55, which is elastic, adjustable and is suitable for both acid and alkaline environment under normal conditions.

A patented quick-lock made of SS 2343 material makes the ZAVA® Seal-Ring fast and easy to install without vulcanizing or disassembling equipment. It takes a few minutes instead of three to four hours. Once you have closed the lock you can´t open it again!

The ZAVA® Seal-Ring may in some cases replace radial seals, braided packings, lip seals and v-ring seals. ZAVA® Seal-Ring is also available in AFLAS.

Do you want an environmentally friendly work place?

Reduce leakage, fiber loss, erosion of floor surfaces, contamination of air and improve mill appearance by making ZAVA® Seal-Rings part of your seal program.

Did you know?

We can also install the Zava® Quick Lock on V-Rings. Click here to learn more.