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We are a proud Swedish family company with a rich history of crafting and distributing ZAVA® Seal Rings. Our journey began in 1986 at the Östrand mill SCA Pulp in Timrå, Sweden, when a persistent sealing issue demanded a solution. Enter Frans, an ingenious electrical engineer who, in response to the mill’s challenge, introduced the groundbreaking ZAVA® Seal Ring.

The relief was palpable among those plagued by the incessant need to replace rubber seals on VFA and CCA filters at Pulp plants globally. What once took four laborious hours could now be accomplished in a matter of minutes. In January 1988, the ZAVA® Seal-Ring secured its patent, marking a pivotal moment in sealing technology. Subsequently, the ZAVA Trademark was officially registered in March 1992.

Fast forward to today, and the ZAVA® Seal-Ring continues to be proudly manufactured in Hudiksvall, Sweden, making its way into the hands of customers worldwide through an extensive network of retailers. Operating on both national and international fronts are two key entities: ZAVA Ring AB, serving the domestic market, and ZAVA Tec AB, catering to international clientele.

Frans, the visionary inventor, remains an active force within our family company. Stepping into leadership is his daughter, Zuzana Sramek, now the CEO of both ZAVA Ring AB and ZAVA Tec AB. Working alongside her are her daughter Gabriella and son-in-law Jimmie, ensuring the legacy of innovation and quality endures.

Since 1986, ZAVA® sealing rings have been the trusted choice of Scandinavian industries, and today, their reach extends globally. Join us in embracing the heritage and reliability that define ZAVA® Seal Rings.

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Meet the team behind ZAVA®—a team fueled by passion, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. Together, we pave the way for sealing solutions that stand the test of time.
zuzana sramek

Zuzana Sramek – CEO
Meet our visionary leader, Zuzana Sramek, steering the helm of innovation and excellence as the CEO of ZAVA Ring AB and ZAVA Tec AB.

Frans Sramek – Founder and Inventor
The mastermind behind it all—Frans Sramek, our founder and inventor, whose ingenuity gave birth to the revolutionary ZAVA® Seal Ring in 1986.