Modified NBR is the Ideal for use as seals for pumps and other general engineering applications in the hydraulic and pneumatic industry. Modified NBR is good for applications where the O-ring is exposed to fats, greases and animal or vegetable oils. Lubricating oils, hydraulic fluids, pulp solutions with SO2, ClO2, NaOH, Na2S, CaO, Cl, H2O, NaCl, red liquor, brown stock and normal concentrations of most chemicals used in Pulp and Paper mills.
Do not use: with fireproof hydraulic fluids or concentrated acids
Recommended temperature range: -30°C to +110°C


Aflas®  provide excellent chemical, high temperature, steam and caustic resistance up to 400° F (204° C) . TFE/P rubber, Aflas® fluoropolymer materials provide dependable sealing performance in water, steam bases, and caustic environments resulting in their typical use in the oil exploration and drilling industry. It´s resistant to strong acids, bases, lubricants and highly reactive organic and inorganic chemicals. Ozone resistance. Radiation resistance up to 200 MRad of gamma-ray radiation.
Recommended temperature range: -25° to 204° C



NBR 70 compound 366470 is a specialist NBR material that has been
specially developed for use in food applications. This material has an average percentage of acrylonitrile, has a good compression set and is in accordance with FDA CFR21 177.2600, EC1935: 2004 and 3-A. The application area for this material is, among others: food and dairy appli- cations, general applications and applications in contact with hydrocarbons. We certifies the suitability for repeated contact directly or indirectly with food. All articles are produced in compliance with good manufacturing standards so that they do not transfer
their constituents to food.
Recommended temperature range: -30°C to +110°C


EPDM A copolymer of ethylene and propylene (EPR), combined with a third comonomer adiene (EPDM), Ethylene Propylene has gained wide seal industry acceptance for its excellent ozone and chemical resistance characteristics. O-rings manufactured from EPDM exhibit an excellent resistance to weathering and ozone, water and steam. General purpose EPDM O-rings are manufactured using a sulphur based curing system, these are suitable for use up to +120°C. Not compatible with: Mineral oil products (oils, greases and fuels).

Recommended temperature range: -20°C to 120°C


Viton® have combining high temperature resistance with out- standing chemical resistance, Fluorocarbonbased compounds approach the ideal for a universal O-ring material.
FKM has found wide acceptance in the aircraft, automotive and chemical industries. Very good ozone,
weather and aging resistance
The terms FPM, FKM and Viton® stand for one single base material: fluorocarbon rubber.
Recommended temperature range: -10°C to +180


The steel grade 1.4436 ( also called AISI 316 and SS2343) is a stainless, acid resistant steel with improved machinability. Since the steel is machinability improved, it is suitable for production of details with comprehensive machining. The steel has very good corrosion resistance particulary in chloride-bearing environments and is extra resistant to pitting corrosion, crevice corrosion, stress corrosion cracking and corrosion fatigue. It also has high strentgth and toughness.