Split V-Ring with ZAVA® Quick-Lock

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Split V-Ring with ZAVA® Quick-Lock

The V-Ring type A with ZAVA® Quick-Lock – the innovative split and lockable V-Ring that is used within pulp- and paper industry.

The V-Ring is made of Nitrile rubber, NBR and has a patented quick-lock made of SS 2343 material. The ZAVA® Quick-Lock makes the V-ring fast and easy to assemble in some cases without shutting down the filter. Once you have closed the V-Ring you cannot open it again!

Do you want to save both time and money – use the V-Ring with ZAVA® Quick-Lock.

The V-Ring is used as a pressureless sealing preventing dirt, water, oil splash and dust to enter the system.

Maximum and minimum working temperature is -40 °C to 100 °C.

The V-Ring comes in sizes: V350A – V400A – V450A – V500A – V550A – V600A – V650A

In some applications you can use ZAVA® Seal-Ring instead.

Don ́t hesitate to contact us about different sizes of the V-ring with ZAVA® Quick-Lock or about our ZAVA® Seal-Ring.

The advantages of split V-Ring with the ZAVA® Quick-Lock

• Split and lockable
• Saves time and money
• Fast and easy to assemble
• Unique patented quick-lock

Ordering and mounting information:

When ordering please specify the shaft diameter. Split V-Rings with ZAVA® Quick-Lock come ready to install.

The V-ring must be mounted to the counterface respecting a recommended distance so the sealing lip gets the right tension.

Order by emailing order@zava.se


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Split V-Ring with ZAVA® Quick-Lock

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